What do you think are the requirements for a good body kit?

Perfect fitting and coolness are commonplace.

What is needed most is to bring out the performance of the car.

We achieve perfect fitting with laser scanning and 3D rendering, and improves the coolness and performance with experience and inspiration.

Try our products on circuit, hill climb​ , street and so on...


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​BMW  E24 Racing Wide Body kit

Models : 635csi , M6 , M635CSi  

Front bumper / Front fender LR / Side skirt LR / Rear fender LR / Rear bumper Bottom&Flaps  /  Rear Wing kit

Price  : 880,000 JPY  including Japanese tax

MSRP    8,000 USD # at the current exchange rate


For use with late European model of BMW E24. 

​Early model and other market models  needs some brackets.


​Thank You


We also respect stock body cars.
Because its Beautiful body line.

But we need power, speed, cool machine. on the track. And you?